White Shaker Fabuwood Cabinets


Rosemary Achey

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Walcraft Cabinetry provided some of the highest level of customer service I have experienced in a very long time. Customer Service that is almost unheard of in today’s marketplace. Every question and inquiry were handled professionally, efficiently and promptly. The shipping and delivery were communicated and delivered as promised. The product is superior to anything I was able to find at the Big Box retailers and overall, I saved approximately 30% over…

Stained Fabuwood Cabinets


Sean Riley

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We made every effort to use all local contractors and resources for the completion of our full kitchen remodel. We are so happy we chose Walcraft!! The cabinets are well made and Walcraft offers luxury cabinets at prices well below big box DIY stores. We firmly believe that Walcraft offers superior service and the real wood cabinets are beautiful! We couldn't be more satisfied in choosing Walcraft.

Raised-Panel Fabuwood Cabinets


Jesse & Alexandria Nunley

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After a lot of research I decided to go with Walcraft cabinets for our kitchen remodel simply because I could not find a single bad review. - Cabinet Quality 9/10 I don’t really have much to compare these cabinets to other than my old ones which these are much much better than. Hardware is great, the cabinets themselves were easy to install by myself and the finish on them is great. I…

Quality Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets, Value Priced

Our Fabuwood Pursuit

Every now and then something special comes along in the business world. A company who just does it right, and whose reputation precedes them. Well, Fabuwood just happens to be one of those companies.

When we started off in the online cabinetry world we were unable to provide our customers with their incredible cabinets. At that time we were a 100% online company, which limited us. But things have changed.

Now we are proud to provide our customers with cabinetry that is finely crafted by Fabuwood.

We are always looking at cabinetry lines for our customers. This comes with its challenges. Mainly because the founder of our company is a cabinet maker by trade and is very particular about the lines of cabinetry we work with.

He demands the best for our customers.

This makes it VERY hard to find new lines of cabinetry, as they have to be the best. And not many manufacturers have the same standards we do.

Fabuwood grabbed our attention. Here is why:

Stellar Reputation

As a company that prioritizes five-star service and five-star cabinetry, we do a lot of research before introducing a new cabinetry line to our customers. A lot. Over the years Fabuwood kept coming up.

In blogs, reviews, articles, and around the web. Over and over, we kept hearing people sing their praises. That was attractive.

Bad Reviews

Huh? Their bad reviews? Yes, you read that right. We were attracted to their bad reviews. Here is why: as a cabinetry retailer, it is easier to determine the truth about a review. We can look at a negative review and tell whose fault it really was.

Often, the manufacturer gets blamed, even when it was not their fault.

We found this to be true with Fabuwood’s reviews. Most of the bad ones were the dealer’s fault and not theirs. As a five-star rated dealer, those reviews do not scare us! We know how to make sure that never happens to our customers.

Fabuwood’s Good Reviews

And yes, of course, their good reviews grabbed our attention as well. We were very impressed with what their customers had to say.

And when we dig up the dirt, we dig deep. Not just the easy-to-find, pruned and trimmed reviews. The nitty-gritty truth.

We liked what we found.

They Have Got Class

We love, love, love, their options, and the finishes. Seriously, they’re the bomb. The door styles are right on point, and the finishes are first-rate.

With lots of whites to choose from, and greys as well, they nailed it. Fabuwood has the cabinetry to make your kitchen look top-notch!

The Smooth Finish

At the end of the day, the finish of your new cabinetry is probably the most important part. The finish is what we see, feel, and ultimately put to the test daily!

To the untrained eye, a finish may look good. Yet to the trained eye, it can see its flaws. Our founder is not just a cabinet maker, he is a finisher (someone who applies the stains and finishes to cabinets). Nothing gets past his eye.

And with Fabuwood, he likes what he sees, so you will too!

BLUM Hardware

Yes indeed, Blum. Fabuwood gets it. Their cabinetry is quality, and the hardware as well.

There are many competitors out there, some of which make a great product, yet one true champ takes the prize. Blum. Around the world Blum is known for making the best soft-close drawer slides and hinges.

This is evidence that Fabuwood is not okay making cabinets that are close. They aim to nail it. And they do.

Built To Last

Cabinetry is a long-term commitment. On average a pair of cabinets will be in a home for 25-30 years. Heck, they may be in your home for that long. Do you want them to stand the test of time?

Of course you do.

Well, Fabuwood gets that and has created top-quality cabinetry for a very reasonable price. Dang, they are good.

Q12 Quality Control

If you were watching Fabuwood cabinets going through the assembly and quality-control process here is what you would see:

The assembly person gets financially incentivized when the quality control person does not find anything, and the quality control person is financially incentivized if they find quality control issues! We love this.

So many manufacturers do not prioritize quality control. Not these guys.

Their Q12 is a 12 point inspection that ensures their cabinets are all they need to be and more!

Rest Assured Your Cabinetry From Fabuwood is Sure to Impress!

Your kitchen is a big deal for us. So is your satisfaction. And for these reasons, we are honored to have partnered with Fabuwood to provide their cabinetry to you. Let’s get started!