Project H.E.A.R.T

Helping Our Community

Walcraft Cabinetry began years ago after our founder realized through our home building business how effective a career opportunity and the right environment can be in transforming lives. We do not exist simply to sell cabinets and turn profits, rather we exist to create opportunities so that lives can be turned around. At Walcraft Cabinetry we have seen this first hand. Our business was developed and continues to thrive for this reason. As a mentor employer with a local non-profit called Project HEART, we are growing our business to strategically create opportunities for those coming out of destabilizing issues such as crime, addiction, and abuse,and to offer a sanctuary of stability and security. For years now, we have provided career opportunities to people through Project HEART and have experienced first hand that providing job opportunities and mentorship in a drug-free work environment can be used to transform lives significantly.<br><br>

Currently, about 90% of our employees come from pasts rooted in addiction and criminal activities. At this point, we have experienced a success rate that is nothing short of miraculous. ALL of our Project HEART recommended employees are sober, avoiding criminal activity, and excelling at what they do within this business.

Project H.E.A.R.T began in 2011 with a small group of people from the recovery community and local community service agencies to provide a safe group of friends for those in recovery from life damaging issues

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