Upgrading to RTA Kitchen Cabinets? Here’s How to Do It Right the First Time!

By Sean Walsh

Do you know what is worse than having dilapidated old cabinets in your kitchen that don’t suit your needs? Spending a ton of money on RTA cabinets only to find that the materials are shoddy, the hardware doesn’t fit right, and the cabinets you spent so much time and effort to install don’t measure up to your expectations.


Do it right the first time, call us at Walcraft or log on at walcraftcabinetry.com and get the best quality RTA cabinets on the market for the best price. Just read our reviews; our customers love their DIY cabinets. Our customers are so happy, not just because of the superior quality and design of our RTA cabinets, but because our customer service professionals are there to make sure your project goes smoothly, the first time. We guarantee that you will love your RTA cabinets, and you will have an immense sense of pride knowing that you designed, built, and installed your cabinets for a fraction of the cost your neighbors paid.

Some companies scrimp on materials in order to make a bigger profit. At Walcraft, we are not motivated by profits because we are a people-first company. What gets us out of bed and ready to face the day is knowing that we will get the honor of helping someone just like you design the kitchen of their dreams and see it become a reality. Helping people is more than just our mission at Walcraft, it is our purpose.

From the finishes on our cabinets to the assembly process, we make sure that when you order RTA cabinets from us, you will see and feel the difference that quality makes. Our buyers work hard to get the best products at low cost, a savings we gladly pass on to our customers. Unlike most of our competitors, our pledge to ensure the best in customer service does not stop when the RTA cabinets you order are delivered.

You’ll be pleased! 

Long after you have hung your cabinets, after many family meals, chaotic mornings, and all the wonderful bits of life that happen in the kitchen, the customer service professionals at Walcraft will be there to answer any questions you have. We stand behind our products because we believe that doing business the right way improves life for everyone. When your family and friends enter your kitchen and see your stunning cabinets, they won’t believe that you did it yourself with RTA cabinets from Walcraft.

There are lots of ways to get new cabinets in your kitchen, and there are almost as many bad companies selling bad products. Do the job right the first time with Walcraft and love your kitchen cabinets for many years to come. Let’s get started!