Painted Gray Cabinetry


Kami Clark

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Overall, I would say it was a positive experience working with Walcraft.  Out of the five companies that I was working with, and getting bids/kitchen layouts from, Walcraft was by far the most responsive and approachable.  I felt like a person, not a number, and I appreciated that.  They found flaws in my previous layouts (from other companies) and offered solutions, as well as advice on certain moldings and cabinets to present…

Gray Kitchen Cabinets - RTA (Unassembled)

Do-it-yourself? Fantastic. These gray kitchen cabinets are for you. Save some money and assemble them yourself!

There are many RTA (ready to assemble) cabinetry options. But only one truly shines. JSI cabinets stand tall above the rest. Their premium finish, superior assembly process, and quality materials, make them the best choice for those who do it yourself. You will love what you see when your new JSI gray kitchen cabinets show up!


John & Sharon Wright

See what our customers have to say…

The staff and the products are 5 star. Every question about the cabinets were answered in very timely manner. They were never exasperated though I surely gave them reason to be with my never ending questions about every aspect of the entire process from design, delivery, assembly (especially assembly)!

Gray Kitchen Cabinets - Fully Assembled


Design tip from Sean: Gray sets the stage for amazing drama!

You want amazing, right? After all, you and your old kitchen… time served! Gray kitchen cabinetry does it well. Add a well-curated counter, an elegant back splash, a touch of color on the walls, and the perfect surface for your floors, and POP! It all works together flawlessly. Remember, gray is only boring when gray is alone. Gray is the life of the party with friends!

Gray Kitchen Cabinets - Frequently Asked Questions

Are gray kitchen cabinets the new thing, a passing thing, or the thing?

Gray cabinetry is a new thing, heading to be the thing. For a long time now, white shaker cabinets have dominated the market. In fact about 60% of our customers choose white shaker cabinets for their new kitchens. However, they also often choose gray for their island, or just their lowers.

What’s next? Two-toned gray kitchen cabinets. Whether the island is one color, and the base cabinets and uppers are another, or the base cabinets and island are one color with uppers that are different; it’s coming.

The days of white as the base, with gray cabinets as an accent, are growing old. And the days of two shades of gray kitchen cabinets is here!

According to the team at The Spruce, Gray is the new beige!

I am a little worried about buying my gray cabinetry online, site unseen. Should I be?

Absolutely! You’re looking at spending thousands of dollars virtually site unseen. That is where Walcraft Cabinetry steps in to sooth all fears! I dare you to do your research. You know what you will find? Anywhere and everywhere you look, you will only hear positive stories about us. WE DO WHATEVER it takes to make sure EVERYONE who chooses Walcraft has an amazing outcome. 

We will do WHATEVER it takes fro you to have a positive outcome!

To do so, we have chosen the absolute best value-minded cabinetry options available. So your gray cabinetry will come from the most trusted and reliable manufactures and supplier… US!

When will it end? When will Gray Kitchen Cabinetry be outdated?

No one knows that for sure. Our best guess is gray is going to be a strong option for another 10-15 years. White will always be timeless as it is completely neutral, but in many ways, so is gray.

Here is a great article from the team over at Sebring about why gray kitchen cabinetry is a star in the show!

Let’s get started.