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Walcraft Cabinetry
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Walcraft Cabinetry
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John Volz Sr
John Volz Sr
Had a great experiance working with Christie & Brian at Walcraft on our recent kitchen remodel. They were great at comunication, very helpful through the design process. I would highly recommend working with them on your kitchen design.
Alberto Ulloa
Alberto Ulloa
We have partnered with Walcraft at multiple projects now. We are located in NJ and their service and communication has been outstanding. Been in a different state had its challenges but thanks to our team and their team we have a a great team work to accomplished all this jobs. We are happy clients! I strongly recommend them and we will continue to do business together.Thanks!
Randy Cullom
Randy Cullom
We bought 10 cabinets (ready to assemble) from Walcraft four years ago. They went into our camper van. They are of the highest quality and we could not be more pleased. Recently one small piece that holds up the runners on a drawer broke because of constant jarring from rough roads. We called customer service and they took the information. We asked for 4 new sets in case the other drawers had problems in the future. In less than a week, we had four new sets of the entire runners for our drawers. NO CHARGE! I couldn’t believe it. Great company and employees. Liz Seiberling

BIG decisions require BIG answers

What are your RTA Cabinets made from?

All of the RTA cabinets we provide our customers with are made using high-quality materials. We only distribute for manufacturers who use plywood, hardwoods, soft-close hardware and dovetail drawers. We do have one cabinet line, Goldenhome, that has a European (frameless) box construction and uses European-style metal drawer boxes. Across the board, we only provide our customers with RTA kitchen cabinets that are constructed with high-quality materials.

Do your cabinets use MDF?

MDF is used as the center panel for the doors on the majority of our unassembled cabinets. There are many opinions about the use of MDF while building cabinets. For the sides, bottoms, and backs of structural boxes, MDF should never be utilized because neither glue nor screws adhere to it as well as they do to plywood. Water deteriorates MDF which is very bad for RTA cabinets. Nevertheless, MDF is incredibly sturdy, does not expand or compress nearly as much as wood or plywood, and paints quite well. It is the perfect choice for cabinet doors and center panels because of it.

Are RTA Cabinets good quality?

Ready to assemble cabinets once were known for being the cheapest option. We now believe they’re the best. The superb finishes of RTA cabinets—often far superior to custom cabinets—the precise factory-made components, and of course the plywood, hardwood, and dovetail drawers, are just a few of its numerous advantages. Add in soft close doors and drawers, and the bang for the buck is extremely loud. You may not get exactly what you want, as you would with custom, but you will get more than you pay for!

Who makes the best quality RTA kitchen cabinets?

In our opinion there are numerous manufacturers that make amazing ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. All the brands we currently provide our customers with have been carefully vetted and chosen for their quality, options, fulfillment, and availability. Sometimes, the best RTA cabinets are the ones you can get the soonest, or the cheapest, or that have the options you want. We work diligently to provide a multitude of options so we can find the best quality option for you–while making sure that your overall purchasing experience is the best quality too!

What are RTA Cabinets?

RTA stands for Ready to Assemble. RTA Cabinets come flat packed with everything needed to build them in the box. They are assembled using different methods. Some require only a cordless drill, others use cam locks and go together with a screwdriver, and others use a pneumatic stapler. Every cabinet ever made at some point was RTA. Ours just ship in pre-packaged boxes with all the parts and pieces so you can assemble them yourself and save money!

Why should I use RTA Cabinets?

Ready-to-assemble cabinets are the best value in the cabinetry market. Your new kitchen will end up featuring new cabinets that look, feel, and function like you paid much more for them than you did. RTA Cabinets ship super fast as they are pre-built and warehoused all around the country. You should highly consider these kitchen cabinets if you’re good with tools, want to save a large amount of money on your cabinets, and need cabinets fast.

Are RTA Cabinets difficult to assemble?

Yes and no. This depends on you. A small number of our customers have a very hard time assembling their RTA cabinets, while the vast majority say how easy the process was. It depends on how “handy” you are and how much experience you have working with tools. One of the challenges is that RTA cabinets are typically an imported product and come with imported instructions. We do not recommend this type of cabinet to those who are not handy and good at “figuring it out.” Assembled kitchen cabinets would be a much better option in that case.

What are the benefits of RTA Cabinets?

You’ll save a ton of money, receive your cabinets much quicker than other options, and you do not need to leave your home to do it. Your new cabinets will be delivered directly to your home often within 2-3 weeks. Your new kitchen cabinets will be durably built using hardwoods and plywood, and will have soft-close doors and drawers, and dovetail drawer boxes. RTA cabinets are also available in all of the most popular styles and finishes, so your kitchen will be sure to be modern and fresh.

Where are RTA Cabinets made?

RTA cabinets originally were a Chinese product. Today, after an anti-dumping lawsuit was won against Chinese manufacturers, most of them are manufactured in Vietnam, Malaysia, and other parts of Southeast Asia. Some RTA’s are also made in the USA.

Why are RTA Cabinets so cheap?

Because RTA cabinets are mainly an imported product, the main savings comes from lower labor and material rates found in other countries. On top of that, the shipping price is greatly reduced due to unassembled cabinets taking up less space than assembled cabinets. Typically, an unassembled set of cabinets will cost half the price to ship across the country than assembled cabinets. Also, less labor is used to build them as the assembly process does not take place until the cabinets are at their final destination.

What features should I look for in RTA Cabinets?

The most important things to look for in RTA kitchen cabinets are:
1.) The finish
2.) The wood species used
3.) The assembly process
Notice we did not mention plywood, hardwood, and soft-close? That’s because 98% of all RTA cabinets come standard with those features. A smooth, durable finish, on the other hand, is essential to go the distance. The harder the wood, the more durable and resistant to dents and dings, the cabinet will be. And, a cheaply built cabinet will look and perform like a cheap cabinet.

What makes Walcraft unique?

Most unsuspecting consumers have no idea what they are getting into when they purchase their cabinets from an online company like ours. If the company is more concerned with the sale than the customer’s experience, it can become a complete debacle. No one wants for a life-changing purchase of this magnitude to become a botched cabinetry order. To sum us up, dig up the dirt. If you find an e-tailer who sells cabinets with a better reputation than us, we’ll give you your entire cabinetry order for free. We earned that reputation by doing WHATEVER it takes to be there for our customers throughout the entire process.

Why should I choose Walcraft?

When it is all said and done, you don’t want regrets. Your kitchen is going to be in shambles, stress levels will be high, lots of money will be spent, and there are many working parts to make it all come together. We’re known for being a cabinet partner that will stick with you from design to done, and beyond. You’re going to spend too much money to risk it on a less proven, or less personal cabinet company. We’ve won Best of Houzz five years in a row, have never had a BBB complaint, and have tons of rave reviews about the process of working with us. Why? Because we care!

How do you handle problems if they happen?

First off, we do everything possible to avoid them. We’re VERY picky about what cabinet lines we offer our customers. And we’re very honest about the process up front. In fact,you can read this article about what you should expect when ordering cabinets from us, or from another company like us. Many problems cannot be avoided. There are way too many people, forklifts, and large trucks involved, as well as way too much distance your cabinets will travel to get to you for issues not to happen. Our commitment is that no matter what, we handle all issues promptly, politely, and professionally. We simply will not rest until you love your new cabinets, and us.

Can I trust you with my order?

Trust must be earned, not promised. Since 2016, we’ve worked real hard to earn the best reputation in the industry. We’ve won Best of Houzz for service 5 years in a row, we’ve never had a single BBB complaint, and we have zero one-star horror story reviews out there. Words are cheap, and often can’t be trusted. Actions? They’re much louder. We’ll let our actions answer: if you can find a cabinet e-tailer that does what we do with a better reputation than ours, we’ll give you your entire cabinetry order for free.

Where are you located?

Our corporate headquarters is in Mansfield, OH. We also have an office in Grass Valley, CA. Our focus is taking care of customers from coast to coast and making sure their new cabinets arrive as promptly as possible in their homes. We do a very small amount of business in our local markets since our focus is our national customers.

Others promise faster delivery, why don’t you?

Well, what do you prefer? Promises or cabinets? Our focus is being honest, educating our customers, and helping them to make the best decision. Can others get cabinets to their customers faster than we can? Maybe. That being said, when 86% of your order shows up and you were not told the other 14% is on backorder for a few weeks, was it any faster than being told your cabinets would take 4 weeks for your entire order to show up? Nope. Cabinets cannot be installed when essential cabinets are missing. Schedules, timelines, and budgets get crushed when unexpected delays happen. We prefer to guide our customers through pitfalls, instead of lining them with empty promises.

Shipping problems

Without a doubt, the largest problem with RTA cabinets is with shipping them. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control. We’ve worked with massive amounts of shipping carriers and the same problems are everywhere. They are losing pallets and damaging orders. All cabinets must be shipped by a common carrier and experience the same issues. It is how the company handles the issues and follows up with the shipping company and manufacturer to fix the problem that makes the difference. We’re known for relentlessly solving problems when they arise.

Assembly problems

Issues we commonly see with the assembly process are typically twofold. First, some imported RTA kitchen cabinet instructions are better than others. Many do not provide instructions for every different cabinet they make. Rather, they provide a few of the most important that show the fundamentals of building all the other cabinets. Those who are good at figuring things out do not have an issue. For others who are not, we recommend they purchase assembled kitchen cabinets.

Quality problems

Most of the quality concerns we see is a result of inexperienced DIY’ers examining every detail of their new ready-to-assemble cabinets under a magnifying glass. This can be the nature of the beast. When assembled cabinets are delivered they are looked at as a cabinet. Parts can be examined under un-realistic scrutiny, when in reality, the issues would have never been seen once the cabinet is built. Sometimes there are valid issues with quality. In such cases, we promptly provide replacements.

Out of stock problems

Since RTA kitchen cabinets are pre-built at factories, there are times when certain cabinets are out of stock. It is very important that we verify inventory and confirm everything is in stock before placing the order. That way you’ll know for certain that all of your cabinets are available and when they can be delivered.

Find RTA Cabinets That Match Your Desired Style & Color

Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality and cost-effective RTA Cabinets out there. White Shaker? Black? Modern Slab? We have it all. So go ahead and feast your eyes upon our hottest selling RTA Kitchen Cabinets.

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Here at Walcraft Cabinetry, we pride ourselves on providing the full package in experience, quality, service and cost to our customers. Your dream is top priority to us, and we have partnered with some of the best manufacturers to ensure that they come to a reality. Quality is never an issue. We understand that this is a life-long investment and as such, we invest in life-long value.

Our top-of-the-line RTA Kitchen Cabinets come in numerous colors and styles to choose from – the possibilities are endless. Just imagine: a gorgeous kitchen design, top-notch cabinets, your pocket is still intact and a supportive team of experts guiding you from the beginning to the very end.

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