Terms of Service


Placing an order of up to $2500 will earn you free shipping for your products. However, Walcraft Cabinetry has the right to change the shipping policy at any time before a product is purchased.

Kindly do the following when receiving your cabinet shipment:

Inspect the shipment straightway. Please take pictures, for personal record and safety, in the event that we need to file a freight claim on your behalf.

In the presence of the freight company’s representative, note down any shortages and/or damages on the delivery receipt. However, you may not need to refuse the order. By doing so, you will be asked to pay the shipping cost to and from the destination.

Please note, the delivery package may contain finished plywood skins or panels carefully packaged on the bottom of the pallet under cardboard. This should not be mistaken for packing materials.

Trims are often shipped as “loose”, in a separately packaged carton. Kindly note this.

Once you accept the shipment from the freight company, you acknowledge that the product has been delivered and received in good condition. Walcraft Cabinetry will not be held responsible for loss or damage afterward.

Neither should you assemble or install damaged or defective products. Doing this only shows you have accepted the item.


For making use of www.walcraftcabinetry.com, it becomes your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your account and password. You will also be the one responsible to restrict access to your desktop or PC. In addition to that, you take complete responsibility for all activities including transactions and purchases executed with your accounts.

Furthermore, only individuals that have attained legal age have the right to make a purchase on the Walcraftcabinetry.com website. All information entered into the system is true to the best of your knowledge.

At Walcraft Cabinetry, we reserve the right to remove or modify content, terminate accounts, refuse service, or cancel orders in our exclusive discretion.

Our operating hours at Walcraft Cabinetry hours are Monday – Friday from 7:00am – 5:00pm (PDT) & Saturday 8am – 4:00pm (PDT). You can send us an email at Sales@Walcraftcabinetry or call us on this toll-free number 1-888-547-5573.

Once we receive the order and approve the authorization of your credit card, you will be sent a confirmation email.

Before shipping, we verify all online orders. Sometimes, items can be missed or overlooked in a design. You will be contacted by Walcraft Cabinetry after placing your order to verify all items. Thus, ensuring that nothing is left out. You will also be offered a free design.

However, by placing an order online, you are liable to a 25% restocking fee in case the order is canceled or returned. If the company is responsible for the return or cancellation, we will apologize promptly without charging you any restocking fee.

Full payment of orders is received and confirmed before any shipment can be made.

Approved refunds usually take between 3 – 7 business days to reflect back on your credit card. Refunds are issued back to the original mode of payment.

Residents of California are liable to Sales Tax. For online purchases from other states, you may be asked to file Use Tax.

In the event that an item is currently out-of-stock or unavailable, we will notify you about the issues as soon as possible. Once the item is available, you will also be contacted before we fully ship the order. However, if you are unable to wait, you will be offered a full refund. The fast-paced nature of the kitchen cabinetry industry makes, the currently available products to change from time to time. In case that we are not aware that a vendor has stopped manufacturing a product, you will be offered a full refund.

For items that are displayed as IN STOCK on our website, we will do everything within our capabilities to meet your demand. If not, you will be refunded completely as soon as possible.


At Walcraft Cabinetry, we offer free kitchen design services. You won’t be charged a dime for the design of your product. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility as a customer to verify each and every design and measurement before going on with the purchase. We are not responsible for any designs or damages that occur as a result of incorrect measurements. Also, you will take full responsibility for not verifying the measurements displayed on your design.

At Walcraft Cabinetry, we work with a team of competent, creative professional designers that have been put through an intensive training on how to execute your project with a high level of professionalism.

We offer you absolutely free design services, transparent, featuring no binding obligations nor hidden charges. You won’t be asked to fill your credit card information. All we need to get started is your name, phone number, email address, as well as your accurate kitchen measurements.

Furthermore, design recommendations are made using the information provided. Ensure that you submit all information in writing. We do not accept verbal information so as to prevent any form of miscommunication.

By checking out and purchasing cabinets, you acknowledge that you have approved everything listed in the quote provided by the company. Any customer that does not like an order after delivery will take full responsibility as no new cabinets will be provided by Walcraft Cabinetry.


It can take between 7 – 21 days after placing the order before your cabinets and accessories are delivered. For orders over $2500 you get free delivery.


All deliveries are exclusively lift gate delivery. The freight or shipping company is only in charge of delivering the kitchen cabinets to the ground at the truck’s tail end. LONG PALLETS THAT CANNOT FIT ONTO THE LIFTGATE MUST BE OFFLOADED BY HAND.

PLEASE NOTE: it is the responsibility of the receiving customer to unload all items from the truck. Unloading heavier or larger products may require assistance from two or three people.

Orders featuring large panels or cabinets, for example, an oven cabinet or a pantry will be shipped on over-sized pallets. The large size of the product makes it impossible to use liftgate. This will be added to your delivery automatically.

Orders featuring large panels or cabinets, for example, an oven cabinet or a pantry will be shipped on over-sized pallets. The large size of the product makes it impossible to use liftgate. This will be added to your delivery automatically.

In case the delivery address cannot be accessed by a large freight truck, kindly notify us at Walcraft Cabinetry immediately after placing the order. We may need to make special accommodations. Nevertheless, Walcraft Cabinetry will be the one to make the ultimate decision if a delivery address is accessible or not.

You will be sent the shipping information through email after your order has been shipped. The time taken for the item to be shipped can extend the delivery time with 2 – 5 days. Expect a call from the shipping company notifying you of the delivery time frame and day. Ensure you have someone of legal age to accept the item at the delivery address.

Cabinets are not unpacked by the truck driver. Although, if the item looks damaged, you are permitted to open the box to carry out a further inspection. It is not the responsibility of the driver to tow away any trash.

UPS or FedEx will ship some parts and accessories. They will be dropped off at the delivery site. Usually, you will not be asked to sign any document.

Additional Shipping Policies

At Walcraft Cabinetry, in order to ensure quality service delivery, we only make use of highly reliable shipping companies. We will ensure that your items are delivered as fast as possible. However, we do not take responsibility in case there are unanticipated delays beyond our control. This may range from acts of God to weather delays, labor strikes, or mechanical issues with delivery trucks, and so forth.

Some cabinets will be shipped by third-party freight companies (R&L Carriers, FedEx, UPS, etc.) that are not, in any way, affiliated with Walcraft Cabinetry. We will only provide required customer information to the shipping company. All products will be shipped to a particular location or customer in the United States (excluding Alaska & Hawaii).

The shipping company will only make one attempt to deliver the item to the specified delivery address. Shipping notifications would have been sent by email earlier. In the event that you are unavailable to receive the order and the shipping company is not able to deliver the product, the handling charges and extra shipping cost incurred will be paid by the customer.

Your location or other unforeseen circumstance may restrict the product from being delivered to your address. Walcraft Cabinetry reserves the right to change carriers and/or delivery methods. In the event that we are unable to make a scheduled delivery due to truck issues, weather etc., you will be called by the delivery agent to reschedule. Walcraft Cabinetry will not be responsible for added cost or lost time that occur as a result of delayed shipment.

We can ship to businesses residences, construction sites, as well as businesses with or without a loading dock. For delivery locations that require more constraints and need custom delivery, you will be given a quote. In a case like this, you may have to extend the estimated time of delivery.

For more information about the accessibility of your delivery address, kindly contact Customer Service. If your location is not serviced by our standard shipping companies, we will call you immediately to give you a quote.



***Please do not refuse to accept delivery if there is obvious damage, all damaged items can be replaced. In order for us to do this we need to correct this by the procedure stated here***

Once the shipment arrives PLEASE inspect for damage. Any obvious gouges, rips, punctures, fork lift kisses, open boxes, or anything else out of the ordinary, need to be noted on carrier’s bill of lading they will have you (or whoever receives the shipment) sign. A note saying “one corner of the shipment has been damaged, pictures taken” is an epic statement that can save all kinds of issues. Take a moment to show off your photographic skills and have the delivery driver pose next to the damaged area with the truck in the background and snap a few and you are now a “new kitchen cabinetry owning, damage noting, picture taking legend!” VERY RARELY DOES NAME CARRIERS DAMAGE SHIPMENTS, WHICH IS WHY WE PAY MORE TO USE THEM. They get it there fast and usually damage free.




AS A CUSTOMER, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT ALL ITEMS ARE RECEIVED AT THE DELIVERY ADDRESS. Once you receive the package, inspect all products with the carrier representative at present. Ensure that any missing product is well documented. Have the driver sign the paperwork. Call or email your customer service representative asap to report any damaged items or issues so we can resolve this immediately.

After signing and accepting the delivery, you are certifying that all ordered items have been received, asides any back ordered items which we have previously brought to your notice.

For items packed together in one box, for example, molding, trim, toe kicks, inspect the box thoroughly and ensure that all pieces are accounted for.


The accuracy and precision of all measurements, drawings, sketches, and so on, provided by the customer to Walcraft Cabinetry for quotes or design purposes is the sole responsibility of the customer purchasing the product. We will not be responsible for any errors made during measurement.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to approve the final design and item list. Walcraft Cabinetry will not be held responsible for cabinets missed due to an error in the drawing.


In case you are not satisfied with the product, returns are accepted under the following return policy guidelines:

Walcraft Cabinetry will authorize all returns before return shipment.

Walcraft Cabinetry must receive returns in less than 30 days of purchase.

A restocking fee of 25% will be charged on all products returned in original, unopened packaging. However, if a product has been opened or assembled, we will not collect it from you as this product cannot be returned.

It is the responsibility of the customer to set up all shipments.

On receiving the item, our Returns Department will credit back the value of the returned items after deducting applicable restocking charges and shipping fees.

No returns will be processed for missing or incomplete product from the original shipment.

Returns on trims are unacceptable. This can range from different types of molding, plywood panels, toe kick, and so forth.

Before shipping replacements, customers will need to contact their customer service representative.

For quality control purposes, kindly provide images of the damage. This will help ensure that appropriate replacement parts are shipped.

For claims with respect to missing items, kindly include a photo of the packing slip on the Claim Ticket.

Products will be received by the customer in line with our shipping and be receiving policy. You may be asked to provide information for the claims verification.


Neither should you assemble or install damaged or defective products. Doing this only shows you have accepted the item.

For obvious freight damages, incomplete or shortage item, only claims that are indicated in the delivery report can be made. Report your claim to Walcraft Cabinetry through email. Only claims with the paperwork signed by both the freight company and the customer will be honored. Pictures will also be required when filing a claim.

Note down any concealed damage immediately after unpacking the cabinets for claims. Damaged cabinets will not be replaced after assembling. Ensure that claims are made within 72 hours after the product has been delivered. For approved claims, only damaged pieces are replaced.

In the event that you notice an error in your order, kindly notify us immediately by sending an email to our Order Department at Sales@Walcraftcabinetry. The email should contain information such as the order number, shipping address, and name of the customer. In addition, provide a brief description of the error or mistake. After receiving your email, we will respond with a confirmation email before proceeding to correct the error.


The use of walcraftcabinetry.com is subject to the following terms of use:

All the website content on each page on the website contains general information for reader’s use. Contents can be changed, modified, edited, or updated without notice.

We do not provide any warranty or guarantee as to the timeliness, accuracy, precision, completeness, performance, or suitability of the information and contents contained on the website for any specific purpose.

You acknowledge that materials and information may contain errors or inaccuracies. We explicitly exclude liability errors or inaccuracies like this to the fullest extent as the law permits. Walcraft Cabinetry is not liable for any typographical error.

The use of materials or information on the website is at the risk of the user. Walcraft Cabinetry will not be held responsible for how you use it. It is the responsibility of the customer or user to make sure that products, services, contents, materials, or information available through the website meet your exact requirements.

Materials such as design, look, layout, appearance, as well as graphics contained on the website, are owned by or licensed exclusively to Walcraft Cabinetry.

You are prohibited from reproducing these materials unless it is done in agreement with the copyright notice. This is an important part of our terms and conditions.

Walcraft Cabinetry acknowledges all trademarks reproduced in the website that is not licensed to, or the property of, the operator.

Using the website content without any form of authorization may bring about a claim for damages. It is a criminal offense chargeable under the law.

Links to other websites are also included on the website. These links have been provided to help you with more useful information. This does not signify that the website is endorsed. Walcraft Cabinetry is not responsible for any content available on the linked websites.

You need a prior written consent from Walcraft Cabinetry before you are allowed to create a link to the website.

By making use of this website, any dispute which emanates from that will be subject to the laws of the United States.


Walcraft Cabinetry reserves the right to change the price of the products without any notice. However, the price of an already purchased product cannot be changed.

Walcraft Cabinetry reserves the right to change the price of the products without any notice. However, the price of an already purchased product cannot be changed.


Walcraft Cabinetry is dedicated to offering you the best possible pricing for each and every one of our items. We are ready to match any price advertised by our competitors on equivalent style and quality cabinets.

To request a price match, alert our Design Administration team by sending them an email to Sales@Walcraftcabinetry. The email should contain information such as cabinet brand and style, details of the competitor, the quote itemized by the competitor, delivery timeframe, shipping cost, and handling charges. All price quotes will be verified by Walcraft Cabinetry.

Our Design Administration team will take a look at the details provided and determine if it qualifies for a price match or not.

However, the Price Match Guarantee offered by Walcraft Cabinetry does not cover competitors’ bonus, rebates, special offers, financing offers, clearance prices, prices on used, returned, damaged item, and display merchandise. Also, service contracts such as delivery, installation, or assembly will not be covered.

Price match request is honored by our cabinet pricing up to 30 days after the purchase has been made. If you come across any lower listed price of the product within this period, feel free to request a refund on the difference.


Walcraft Cabinetry hereby warrants to the original buyer, for residential or personal use only, that all products are in good condition both in material and workmanship. Warranty will start counting from the day the product is delivered to your home/delivery address. The warranty period for all of our cabinet lines is a Limited Lifetime Warranty*.

Walcraft Cabinetry has the right to decide whether a product is replaceable or repairable, and no new labor is required for the removal of the damaged cabinet, as well as the replacement of the new product.

Warranty offered by Walcraft Cabinetry does not cover defects brought about as a result of improper handling, installation, storage, assembly, extreme temperatures, and modifications to the product. We are not also liable for damages caused by accidental misuse, fire or water, intentional damage, harsh abrasive chemicals, acts of nature, as well as usual wear and tear.

Cabinets feature natural wood which often varies in color texture or wood grain. Subtle changes can happen over time. We consider these variations as natural. Hence, they are not covered under our warranty program.

Small surface cracks on painted and stained cabinets is considered normal and not a defect. Typically, these cracks are seen on door and drawer faces where vertical wood meets horizontal wood. This is common to all types of cabinetry and is not considered a defect or warranty item.

*Limited Lifetime Warranty only applies to products that are not discontinued.


By making use of any service provided by Walcraft Cabinetry, the condition of use and any type of dispute that come up between Walcraft Cabinetry and customer/client will be governed California state laws. All disputes will be filed in Nevada County under California Law. We will respond to your emailed disputes at Sales@Walcraftcabinetry