I’ve Been There

By Sean Walsh

Looking to purchase cabinetry and unsure of where to start? I totally get it.

Today I want to introduce you to a great solution:
Fabuwood cabinets. Here is why: I’ve been there. I have seen how they what they do, touched and seen the finishes, and watched as they assembled their cabinetry. 

They do not mess around.

For a value line of cabinetry, they are top notch. Here are a few of the most impressive features of Fabuwood as a cabinet maker and company:

When assembling their cabinetry they never lift and set the cabinets down

They roll them. Yep, roll. That way, there is zero chance of an edge getting crunched, the finish getting scratched, or any other damage. 

You know what that means to you? Less headaches. No returns, no replacements, and no delays. Just high quality cabinetry in your castle of love!

Quality control that pays. It goes like this…

The quality control and assemblers are incentivized. The person building the cabinets gets a bonus if the quality-control person does not find issues, and the quality-control person gets bonuses if they do find issues. I am sorry, but this is sheer and utter genius!

I have seen how many issues are created by bad quality control. A lot! A system like this solves many problems and ultimately creates a better overall experience for the end user… you!

A smokin’ hot and super-smooth finish.

Super important! A bad finish results in scratches, and other wear and tear that just should not be there. And often you would never know. Everything may look great to the untrained eye. But not ol’ eagle-eye finisher here.

You see, for years I owned and operated my own custom cabinetry business. And I did the finishing. So I know a bad finish from a good one.

Fabuwood cabinets? They have a great finish for the buck. Don’t forget, I’ve been there. I have seen them spraying cabinets and I have seen the the finish itself. So what is it? Conversion varnish. The good stuff for your cabinets.

These things are built to last!

This is important. After spending thousands of dollars to see your dream become a reality, do you want your cabinets to fall apart? Of course you don’t! Who would?

Not Fabuwood cabinets. They are held together with the finest joinery, metal fasteners, AND glue! The right way. No cam locks or silly metal clips that cheap manufacturers use. Joinery. Glue. The right way.

A company driven to be the best.

Have you ever been somewhere where excellence is in the air? Maybe it was a restaurant, a store, or an amusement park. Whatever it was for you, it was Fabuwood’s headquarters in New Jersey for me. 

As part of our vetting process, we like to visit the company’s headquarters of any new cabinetry line we bring on. Often they are surprised that we do this as we have been told our competitors don’t (shameless Walcraft plug… I can’t help it). Especially since they’re mostly in the east and we are in California.

Our vetting process tells us A LOT about who we are working with. So much so, our operations manager, Brian Nightingale, visited one supplier and we do not work with them anymore partly due to what he saw and experienced. Brian asked the owner of the company questions and was told to visit our competitors’ websites to get the answer because he did not know. Huh? You own the company and you do not know the details about your cabinets? No thanks.

Not at Fabuwood. They’ve got some mojo and we are very happy to be a part of it!

So there you have it. I’ve been there. And without hesitation, I am proud to offer you, our customer, these amazing cabinets! So come on, quit your never ending shopping madness, and let’s get you some Fabuwood cabinets!