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John Volz Sr
Had a great experiance working with Christie & Brian at Walcraft on our recent kitchen remodel. They were great at comunication, very helpful through the design process. I would highly recommend working with them on your kitchen design.
Alberto Ulloa
We have partnered with Walcraft at multiple projects now. We are located in NJ and their service and communication has been outstanding. Been in a different state had its challenges but thanks to our team and their team we have a a great team work to accomplished all this jobs. We are happy clients! I strongly recommend them and we will continue to do business together.Thanks!
Randy Cullom
We bought 10 cabinets (ready to assemble) from Walcraft four years ago. They went into our camper van. They are of the highest quality and we could not be more pleased. Recently one small piece that holds up the runners on a drawer broke because of constant jarring from rough roads. We called customer service and they took the information. We asked for 4 new sets in case the other drawers had problems in the future. In less than a week, we had four new sets of the entire runners for our drawers. NO CHARGE! I couldn’t believe it. Great company and employees. Liz Seiberling

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CCD Kitchen Cabinets
Black Shaker

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We Know You Have Questions

Not quite sold on black kitchen cabinets as yet? Yes, that’s completely normal. After all, you must have so many questions. This is a big deal for you, and we will answer them as best as we can.

How different are your black kitchen cabinets from those at the box store?

Both of ours and theirs will, fairly speaking, feature plywood boxes, soft-close hardware, wooden doors, and drawers. With modern cabinets, you’ll find that as the norm. The key distinction is that the components for the cabinets from box stores are purchased domestically. Unfortunate to say, but that frequently invites lesser grade cabinets with subpar finishing.

We take pleasure in the fact that every one of our black kitchen cabinets has a flawless finish and costs less than those found at big-box retailers.

What are your black kitchen cabinets made of?

All of the black kitchen cabinets in our catalogue that have soft-closing doors and are made with plywood. Some of our black cabinets are made with all-wood doors, while others have doors made with MDF (medium-density fiberwood).

Most, but not all, have solid wood dovetail drawers. We carry a modern slab option which uses metal European drawer boxes. Once you let us know what type of black shaker you’re seeking – we have you covered!

What type of finishes are on your black cabinets?

Oh, we love talking about finishes!

The majority of our black cabinets feature a conversion varnish finish. You might be asking whatit is and how it differs from conventional paint. One of the best finishes that can be used on wood is conversion varnish. The term “conversion varnish,” which is also used to refer to catalyzed conversion varnish or catalyzed varnish, refers to a lacquer that is applied using a premium solid two-part post-catalyzed procedure.

But exactly what does that mean? In short, a hardening agent is added to the varnish prior to painting. This hardening agent provides additional durability when combined with the heat-curing process. Conversion varnish is chemically cured and fast-drying, and consists of 40-60% solids.

However, the black modern slab cabinet alternatives we provide are lacquer finished. Lacquer employs a spray-on, air-finished pre-catalyzed nitrocellulose finish. It has a solid content of between 12 and 18%, thus numerous applications are necessary to achieve the right construction and density.

What are MDF and HDF, and how effective are they?

In all honesty, it depends on how you use it. For cabinet doors, MDF is a fantastic material.

But you would be in for some serious trouble using them for cabinet boxes that are on the floor.

MD is known for soaking up water and swelling like a sponge. It is recognized for being exceptionally solid, less prone to expansion and contraction, and great at taking paint in addition to being completely flat and smooth. They make MDF the perfect material for cabinet doors.

High-density fiberboard (HDF) is a more durable alternative to MDF.

All of the black cabinet solutions we provide have MDF center panels for the doors.

Where are your black kitchen cabinets made?

Our RTA black kitchen cabinets are manufactured in Vietnam, Malaysia, and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Is Black a Good Color for my Kitchen Cabinets?

Absolutely! When done right, black kitchen cabinets can make a gorgeous and sophisticated statement. Not only do they embody a cozy feel, but they add a certain class that will no doubt amplify the innards of your entire home. Pro tip: Dark cabinets can dominate the entire room and make everything look small. Therefore, to create balance in the space, go for some bright overhead lights and/or white floors and countertops and watch it all come together.

Black Kitchen Cabinets would also do well to hide stains and scratches. The kitchen is bound to get crazy and messy, especially if you have a big family or even smaller children running around. Black cabinets do not show damages as much, therefore always maintaining that new feel and look even if some bangs and stains have happened in the area.

Are black kitchen cabinets from Walcraft a great choice for my kitchen?

Here at Walcraft Cabinetry, we take great satisfaction in offering our consumers the complete package in terms of experience, quality, service, and price. Our first focus is seeing your dreams realized; so, we have teamed up with some of the best manufacturers to make that happen. Never is quality a problem. We make investments that will last a lifetime because we recognize that this is a long-term investment.

If you go the traditional path and purchase from those large box stores, you will overspend, receive subpar goods with lengthy lead times, and have impersonal encounters. Let’s avoid that!

What we can promise you is this:

You will be saving money, receiving top-notch quality black kitchen cabinets, and having them delivered right to your home are all benefits. You can hold us to that!

What is the lead time on your black cabinets?

Black cabinet lead times can change based on the manufacturer and stock on hand. To give our customers a more precise lead time, we always verify our stock before placing an order. We receive updates from our manufacturers on stocks and any changes, and we share this information with our clients.

What are the cons of your black cabinets?

The main drawback may be that all of our current black options are RTA. If you are not handy, this may pose an issue for you.

Another disadvantage that we would highlight about black kitchen cabinets would definitely be that they will require constant upkeep as it regards cleaning. Especially if you choose a glossy black kitchen over a matte one. Even though black cabinets may not show as such dirt as light colors, they are still very susceptible to accumulating lots of water splatters, dust, and food particles. Another con is that black cabinets do not work well on their own – you will definitely need to consider pairing with some other colors.

How do I clean and maintain your black kitchen cabinets?

You read the biggest con about having a black kitchen – cleaning. Well, fret not, because we do have some tips on how to maintain them to ensure longevity and durability. Instead of the normal towel or cloth, you may need to concoct a solution of water, vinegar, and a little bit dish soap. Spray this concoction on a clean microfiber towel and watch as it wipes away any smudges, fingerprints and dust from your cabinets. Voila!

What are some popular styles for a black kitchen?

We offer two styles of black kitchen cabinets – black shaker cabinets as well as a modern slab style.

Of course, black shaker cabinets are the most popular choice, and for good reason too! They have a minimalistic, practical design.

Another design we offer is modern black kitchen cabinets. This cabinet design, also referred to as a flat-panel cabinet, stands out for its straightforward construction and appeal of little maintenance. Slab cabinets are both reasonably affordable to build and easy to maintain due to their simplicity and absence of crevices and corners where spills or dust might hide.

Do any of these options pique your interest?

What colors go best with black cabinets?

Creating contrast is with these black kitchen cabinets may be a big concern for you. You may be wondering what would be the best colors to pair with them. There are several options that you can choose from, especially seeing as black kitchen cabinets can highlight and pop other colors in the room.

  • You can never go wrong with a natural, light oak finish.
  • The two-toned look is also a great idea. White uppers and black base cabinets are also currently trending!
  • You can brighten up the black with a contrast splash back (for example a sunny or even cream tone).
  • You can frame black cabinets with marble for a monochrome finish.

Do some black kitchen cabinet styles cost more than others?

 The price of your black kitchen cabinets can change based on a variety of factors. For instance, the type of wood utilized or the design and features of the cabinets. Although shaker cabinets normally cost less, there are a lot of other factors to consider. Normally, before advising a customer on the appropriate design for them, we inquire about their needs and financial situation.

Shipping Problems

Shipment is without a doubt the greatest problem with our black cabinets. Unfortunately, we are powerless to change this. All of the shipping companies we have dealt with have the same problems. Pallets are going missing, and orders are getting damaged. No matter where you buy your cabinets, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT THEY WILL BE SENT BY A COMMON CARRIER AND MAY HAVE PROBLEMS. The key distinction is in how the company handles issues and collaborates with the manufacturer and delivery company to find a solution. We are known for tackling problems head-on when they arise.

Assembly problems

We would advise against purchasing those unassembled black kitchen cabinets if you are not particularly handy or if you have access to aid. The first thing to note is that certain imported RTA kitchen cabinet instructions are better than others if you are handy or know someone who can help.

Out-of-stock problems

Because they are prefabricated manufacturing units, some cabinets occasionally run out of stock. We must make sure that everything is in stock and check inventory before submitting the order. You’ll be able to determine whether every cabinet you require is in stock and when it can be delivered by doing this.

Quality problems

Without a doubt, the cabinets we provide to our customers perform much better than the more expensive choices. Assembled cabinets are handled like a cabinet when delivered. It is possible to inspect components in an exaggerated manner when, in reality, the issues wouldn’t have been found until after the cabinet was built. Sometimes there are actual issues with quality. We quickly and ardently supply replacements in these cases and ensure that our consumers are well taken care of.

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