A Global Team with a Global Mission

The sun never sets on Walcraft. Our team and missionary projects are spread all across the world.

The Birth of a
Mission-Driven Business:

When preaching is not enough, God raises men and women to think outside the box; turning the impossible into realities.

From Florida to California, India to the Philippines, Egypt, to South Africa. Discover how God is using Walcraft Cabinetry to redefine global mission work.

Mark: Finding family

Seldom will you find a place to work with people who value and respect each other. Who commits to the same goal while putting Christ in the center of it all. This company saved me from depression and is like an Oasis

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Yani: At my crossroads

When the year 2022 started, I found myself at a critical juncture in my life, desperately seeking a change. Stuck in a job that offered little fulfillment and struggled to provide me proper compensation, I yearned for something more. Little did I

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Josh: Finding true worth

For the past several years of my life, I have wanted a career where I could have it all. A job where I was respected, valued, could grow in my own experiences, have new ones, and a decent paying wage wouldn’t hurt

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Brian: From prison to freedom

Initially employed as a laborer for Sean’s construction company, Brian struggled to adjust to a life free from his former vices. He battled the insecurities of transitioning from a tumultuous past into an unfamiliar profession. But fate intervened when Sean approached Brian

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