Due to their sophistication, timeless elegance, and versatility, grey kitchen cabinets have grown in popularity for kitchens, and it’s no wonder! They are the new neutral and will complement a wide range of colors in your kitchen design.

Clean and Simple Grey Kitchen Cabinets (RTA)

These shaker-style cabinets are well liked because of their neutral color palette, clean lines and classic look.

Grey Kitchen Cabinets with Details (Pre-Assembled)

These more detailed cabinets are transitional in style, lending themselves to complement a range of kitchen designs.

Your kitchen dream — on time, under budget, and hassle free!

Choosing quality is the best option. By doing so, you can avoid delivery-day disappointments. We have seen and heard too many of those stories. If you are expecting quality cabinetry to be delivered to your home, then choose Walcraft. After all, our goal is always your complete satisfaction.

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Quality RTA Grey Kitchen Cabinets Built To Last

You must be someone who appreciates quality if you’re still reading. And you must have learned one of life’s lessons: You always get what you pay for.

Cheaper imported RTA cabinets have flooded the market for years. They typically look good out of the box. But will they last? If you are buying at the low end of RTA cabinetry, you can bet that every corner was cut so they can claim the bottom-of-the-barrel pricing. When you choose Walcraft, your new kitchen cabinets will last good in real life and not just look good in pictures.

To top it off, we extend JSI Cabinet’s warranty from their provided 5 years to our Lifetime Limited Warranty. That is an added bonus for choosing Walcraft.

Many want to believe the “cheaper” RTA cabinets on the market are quality. This leads to shattered dreams and regrets. We have seen it many times and we REFUSE for that to be a part of any of our customer’s stories. In reality, you need affordable cabinets and you do not want to make too many compromises, right? Because of that, we will only provide you with cabinetry built using superior wood joinery. No cheap cam-locks. No cheap metal clip assembly. No junk. Only quality.

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No matter what your style, we will make your kitchen dream your new kitchen reality. If you’re looking for a simple functional kitchen layout or an over-the-top breath-taker with moldings galore, we have the team to do it. Whether you want to take advantage of our free online kitchen design services, or our premium services, we have just the right package for you!

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