5 ways to achieve a modern farmhouse kitchen look

By Sean Walsh

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss 5 ways you can achieve the modern farmhouse look with white shaker cabinets in your kitchen. The key to this look is incorporating white shaker cabinets with plenty of open shelving and a large island with bar stools for seating. Get rid of those stock kitchen cabinets and go for shaker style cabinets. Let’s dive into our list!

1. Replace your countertops with a material that is durable and easy to clean, such as granite.

When you’re looking at the latest styles, it’s important to find quality materials that can withstand daily wear and tear. Granite is an excellent quality option, and popular choice because it is durable and easy to clean thanks to its natural composition of quartz and feldspar. Installation typically costs anywhere from $35-55 per square foot, subject to market variance, with installation included in this estimate.

At a farmhouse kitchen, you want everything on display for all to see! Open shelving is perfect for displaying cookware, dishes and other items that you want to showcase and helps with kitchen storage. You can even use a hanging pot rack on the ceiling beams or in an open space on the wall to get your pots off of countertops. As well as that farm sink base! Modern farmhouse kitchens often have stainless steel appliances on the perimeter of the space and an open layout that is perfect for entertaining.

The most important aspect when remodeling any type of kitchen is ensuring there’s ample kitchen storage within easy reach. White shaker cabinets in a farmhouse kitchen are typically taller and narrower to give the illusion of more storage space. When you’re looking at new shaker style cabinets for your kitchen remodel, make sure they incorporate plenty of upper cabinetry for pots, pans and other heavy items that need to be stored out of reach from children.

2. Add a farm sink base and faucet to create an industrial feel in the space.

The farmhouse sink is the perfect option because it’s a smaller, simple shape that won’t overwhelm by providing the classic taste of a modern farmhouse kitchen. The clean lines from the white shaker cabinets provide many benefits to this style and are perfect for displaying your dishes and other items you want to show off in your kitchen.

Farmhouse kitchens are far from a basic kitchen, they often sport large islands with bar stools so people can easily gather around while preparing food. When choosing an island in your kitchen design, make sure to note that it must have plenty of surface area on the top for prep work and enough stools to accommodate your house guests.

3. Paint the walls a neutral color like cream or white so they are not too dark or overwhelming.

Neutral colors are the perfect choice for farmhouse kitchens because they will go with any type of decorating scheme and make your complete space feel larger. To achieve this look, use a washable paint so you can easily wipe off smudges or spills.

4. Install modern lighting fixtures over your counters to add some drama and flair.

Farmhouse kitchens often have ample natural light, but to add a little drama and flair, you can install modern lighting fixtures like pendant lamps or even some chandelier-style lights. These types of shades will help create an instant focal point for your new kitchen.

At a farmhouse kitchen, you want everything on display for all to see especially the shaker style cabinets!

5. Keep it simple 

Don’t go overboard with decorating by adding wreaths, candles, etc., which can make the room feel cluttered and busy. Vary the design to provide more minimalist ideas and features. Your house guests will think you have a new home!