Walcraft Cabinetry Expanding: Creating New Jobs for New Lives

By Sean Walsh

Offering employment opportunities for those emerging from crime and addiction

Grass Valley, CA: Walcraft Cabinetry today announced its plans to expand into a new 35,250 sq ft facility that will create 20-25 jobs over the next few years for individuals in need of a fresh start. Currently under construction, the property will include a warehouse, showroom, and finishing facility for the online RTA kitchen cabinetry company. More importantly, the expansion will provide hard-to-find career opportunities and a workplace sanctuary for those emerging from lives of crime, addiction, and abuse.

Owner Sean Walsh says his other company, Walsh Built Homes, experienced such success hiring individuals with these backgrounds that he decided to launch Walcraft Cabinetry as an additional business to do more of the same. Both of Walsh’s companies serve as mentor employers within local non-profit Project HEART (Holding Excellence Above Relapse Team) and embrace a hiring model that focuses on providing jobs for those who can’t find employment due to a checkered past. In fact, approximately 90 percent of Walsh’s current employees have criminal and substance abuse backgrounds—including Brian Nightingale, Sales Manager for Walcraft Cabinetry.

“Being a part of this company has changed the way I look at my life and my journey of sobriety and living crime free. The amount of love I see poured out within this business shows me what life is meant to be. The support we all give to one another is beyond anything I ever thought existed, and I have never seen it outside of families,” Nightingale said.

Walsh describes his passion to help others in this way in the context of his own difficult past and the opportunity he’s been given to embrace a new life: “I have a love for others and a desire to make a difference.” His heart for service is shared by his employees and expressed through the approach to business: “We are seeing lives impacted through the growth of our businesses and it is our customers who make it all possible. We view our customers as partners and friends who—whether they know it or not—are making lasting life change possible and changing the trajectory of generations to come, one set of cabinets at a time.”

About Walsh Built Homes and Walcraft Cabinetry: Walsh Built Homes offers affordable, custom-built homes throughout California’s Nevada County. Walcraft Cabinetry offers luxury ready-to-assemble (RTA kitchen cabinetry that can be ordered online. Both companies offer career opportunities that help transform lives forever.)