White kitchen cabinets: Pros and Cons

By Sean Walsh

White kitchen cabinets seem to be all the rage these days, but they’re not for everyone. White kitchens can look clean and white kitchens are easier to keep white when you want them that way. But white cabinets also come with some trade-offs. Here’s a quick breakdown of white kitchen cabinets pros and cons, plus what to do if you don’t like white but still want a bright kitchen.

1. White Kitchen Cabinet – Pros

– A white kitchen is easier to keep white when you want it that way

– white cabinets seem to be all the rage these days

– A white kitchen can look clean and less cluttered, since white takes up the least space on a wall

– white cabinets can match with any color you choose

– white kitchen cabinets are the most popular and easiest to find at hardware stores, home improvement stores, etc.

2. White Kitchen Cabinet – Cons

– white cabinets are more expensive due to their popularity

– white kitchen cabinets are harder to do DIY projects on or repair if they break over time because the wood underneath might

– white kitchen cabinets can look stark and cold, especially in small rooms. This is a pro and con because some people like this clean look while others find it too much

– white kitchen cabinets can show dirt and smudges more easily

– white kitchens require a lot of upkeep, from cleaning to painting

3. What to do if you don’t like white cabinets

So you don’t like white cabinets but still want a bright kitchen. There are so many other colors that work well for your bright kitchen. Here are some kitchen cabinet colors that will work well with white or another color you’ve chosen:

– dark gray cabinets can give a good balance of white without being too stark, and they’ll look more expensive than white.

– light gray cabinets allow for plenty of natural lighting into the room .

– beige/warm white is neutral enough to work with a variety of kitchen styles and colors.

4. The best color for your kitchen cabinets, according to experts

Some experts say white is the best color for your kitchen, while others have different opinions. Here’s what some of those experts are saying:

– “White cabinets can be a wonderful choice because they allow you to pair white appliances and white countertops with any other color in the room.” – HGTV

– “If you want to create a white and modern look, white cabinets are the best choice.” – HGTV

– “If you want to keep things cohesive without limiting your options from other rooms in the home, white kitchen cabinetry is for you.” – Houzz

– “White kitchens can also be great because they’re easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about dark wood stains, watermarks from hand washing and grease splatters that show up against white.” – Houzz

– “White kitchen cabinets are a great option because they require less upkeep than kitchens with darker cabinet colors. You won’t have to touch them as often or paint them nearly as much!” – Houzz

– “White cabinets are also a popular choice because white is one of the most versatile colors.” – Houzz

– “White kitchens work well with white marble countertops, white kitchen appliances and light wooden floors. This color scheme has proven to be timeless while still being fresh at the same time.” – HGTV

5. How to keep the white from getting dirty and dingy over time

White kitchens can be white, but if you want to avoid white cabinets from getting dingy over time, these are some tips:

– Clean the white kitchen cabinets with a light coat of vinegar and water every few months. This works great for cleaning up grease stains or food spills.

– Use a white kitchen cleaner with bleach on tough stains like handprints.

6. How much does it cost to paint a kitchen with all new cabinets in the color of your choice

If you are looking to buy white kitchen cabinets but want the color of your choice, here’s what it will cost:

– The average white cabinet without any drawers or doors costs about $350. This is including some discounts and not final pricing.

– A new white cabinet with a door can start around $700 for just one side, but can cost as much as $950 when you buy the whole cabinet.

– If you want white cabinets with drawers, it will start at around $700 and go up to about $1500. This could be a little more expensive because of all the detail involved in making white kitchen cabinetry.

The average price for painting an entire kitchen with white cabinets in the color of your choice is $2900. This price includes all white cabinets and painting inside and out, but does not include appliances or fixtures.