Why Use a Professional Kitchen Designer?

By Sean Walsh

While drooling over those beautiful kitchen photos in design magazines, how many times have you considered that you might be able to design and do the work yourself? The idea of cutting the budget drastically is alluring, but it is not nearly as easy to put together your own dream kitchen as you might think. It is perhaps, along with the bathroom, the most complicated and difficult rooms to design. Further, designing a remodel may well be more difficult than doing a kitchen in a new home.

There are an array of building codes and, therefore, what might work in your space may not provide you with a functional kitchen. Your kitchen must be safe and easy within in which to work. So, that is why there are kitchen designers. We save you the time, cost, and frustration of having to do over some parts of the new kitchen because it is a nightmare area in which to work and/or it won’t pass code. A kitchen remodel, or even only a major facelift, is much more than creating a beautiful space. It is about creating a beautiful and functional space.

Good kitchen design brings your ideas to life, and the designer also is able to make your ideas work within building codes and design rules. A redesign that won’t pass inspection normally is because the homeowner tried to squeeze too much into too little space. Here are some common pitfalls that a good kitchen design will help you avoid:

  • Too little space between cabinets against the wall and the center island
  • Not enough cabinet space adjacent to the refrigerator, on either side of the sinks, the cooktop or range, and built-in coffeemaker
  • Not enough electrical outlets for amount of counter space
  • No outlets for the island
  • Purchasing cabinets that will not fit into the space given

The above are all the sort of things a kitchen designer accommodate. Frustration and additional expense: two concepts you can avoid.

Two new and awesome things are now part of kitchen design: first, 3D design renderings that allow you to see how your new kitchen will look. This will keep you from two unpopular phrases: “it looked good in the store, but …” and countertops that you “thought were a good idea, but …” Second, revolutionizing kitchen design is the internet. That is, you are now able to get professional kitchen design help online. You still can DIY, but you do not have to be completely alone and risk costly problems.

Professional designers, like those at Walcraft, are able to give you advice, answer your questions, and help you resolve your kitchen problems from the comfort of your home and a keyboard. They can turn the space you now have into something totally new that is beautiful, an easy work area, and has what you need where you need it…  including all, or at least most of your ideas. And, when you are finished, you will have saved money.