High-Quality RTA Cabinets

If you want to have a positive experience purchasing RTA cabinets online, then you have landed at the right spot!

At Walcraft Cabinetry, we care DEEPLY about your overall experience and your complete satisfaction. It is what drives us to be the best.

Take a moment to become familiar with the features that will make your new cabinetry look, feel, and function, like you paid much more than you did!

You are going to love your new cabinets.

Long-Lasting RTA Cabinets. Value Priced.

You want to invest in cabinetry that will look beautiful for years to come. But what does that take?

A quality finish is an absolutely essential ingredient for your regret free purchase. That is why we only deal with the best. Your Walcraft cabinetry will come coated with the legendary Sherwin Williams Conversion Varnish (CV). What’s that?

CV finish requires a 2-part chemical hardening process that creates a much harder and durable finish than any lacquer on the market. It will resist dings and dents much better and will keep your cabinets looking new and fresh for years to come.

If you would like to see and feel the difference of our premium finishes, you can order a door sample.

Rta Cabinets Kitchen

Quality Kitchen Cabinets Built To Last

You must be someone who appreciates quality if your still reading. And you must have learned one of life’s lessons: You always get what you pay for.

Cheaper imported RTA cabinets have flooded the market for years. They typically look good out of the box. But will they last? If you are buying at the low end of RTA cabinetry, you can bet that every corner was cut so they can claim the bottom of the barrel pricing.

When you choose Walcraft your new kitchen cabinets will last good in real life and not just look good in pictures. And, they are covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

We are not the cheapest RTA cabinets on the market. Over the years, we have learned what most people need and not just want. Many want to believe the “cheaper” RTA cabinets on the market are quality. This leads to shattered dreams and regrets. We have seen it many times. In reality, you need affordable cabinets and you do not want to make too many compromises, right?

We will only provide you with cabinetry built using superior wood joinery. No cheap cam-locks. No cheap metal clip assembly. No junk. Only quality. Others are OK with cheap, we are not.

Rta Cabinets Assembly

Behind Closed Doors

No one likes a hypocrite. You know, someone who acts one way, but is really another. Do you want hypocritical cabinetry?

A HUGE majority of the cabinetry your looking at online boasts all the right stuff. But that is not what it really is.

When you open the doors it becomes evident. Cheap flimsy plastic clips support shelves meant to carry heavy loads. Low quality, flimsy hardware is used to secure the cabinets together.

The finish is a cheap off-brand, the “hardwood” is an inexpensive, less durable option, and the plywood is sourced from cheap suppliers. Materials, finishes, joinery, and assembly processes make for quality. Not just “All plywood, dovetail drawers, and soft-close hardware.”

Rest assured when you choose Walcraft, we know quality. We ONLY do quality.

Rta Cabinets Inside

All Drawers Are Not Created Equal

Drawers are the most used and abused part of your cabinetry, and the first thing to break.

Because of this dovetail drawers have become the industry standard in both domestic and imported RTA cabinets.

However, just because they are “dovetail drawers” does not mean they are quality. In fact, more often than not, they are a bunch of small pieces of wood glued together with sloppy joinery.

Your new cabinetry from Walcraft showcases the finest drawers in the RTA industry. The straight grain drawer boxes are ¾” solid European Poplar, and the joinery is exceptional.

Rta Cabinets Drawers

The Best Choice for RTA Cabinets

Choosing quality is the best choice. By doing so, you can avoid the delivery day disaster, and know that you are not going to have regrets.

No one wants an unexpected guest just showing up and moving in! If you are expecting quality to show up, choose Walcraft.

Our goal is always your complete satisfaction.

We want only the best for your kitchen, your bathroom, and you! Getting started is super simple and begins with a FREE kitchen design. We will guide you through the entire process.

Rta Cabinets Bathroom


Traditional? Transitional? Simple? Elaborate?

Every great kitchen starts with a great design. 

No matter what your style is, we will make your kitchen dream your new kitchen reality. Whether you are looking for a simple functional kitchen layout or an over-the-top breath-taker with moldings galore, we have the team to do it!

We will patiently walk you through the entire process, so do not fear! It is FREE, there is no pressure, and let’s not forget, it’s FUN.

Not quite sure what style of cabinets are for you? That’s easy! Let’s get some FREE door samples heading your way.