The Best Way to Shop for RTA Cabinets Online

By Sean Walsh

The first thing people shopping for RTA cabinets online realize is that there are a dizzying array of options. From manufacturers to dealers to DIY shops, there are hundreds–if not thousands–of options. Further complicating matters is the fact that the nature of the online shopping experience means that things quickly become less about finding a quality product than finding a snazzy picture that captures your imagination and nothing more. Well, maybe some of your hard-earned cash, but that’s another matter.

Finding the Right RTA Cabinets Online Isn’t Rocket Science

As the header says, it isn’t. Shopping for the cabinets that are going to transform your kitchen, the space you exist within on a daily basis, should be an enthralling and informative experience. You should be able to reach out to the world and learn something new about yourself. If your RTA cabinet shopping experience isn’t yielding those kinds of results then maybe you’re just not looking in the right place.

At Walcraft Cabinetry, we strive to make your RTA cabinet direct and wholesale shopping experience the best it possibly could be. From our extensive cabinetry selection to our impeccable service, we are here to help you knock down any obstacles standing between you and the kitchen of your dreams.

We’ve Done This Before

A quick glance at online testimonials reveals just how many lives have been improved by our philanthropic approach. We truly believe that the magic of life is most potent when individuals work together to achieve common goals. Pain, on the other hand, is strongest when we are at our most selfish. With this in mind, choosing to work with us means knowing that we will be there for you throughout every stage of the process, be it the initial design, ordering, and delivery. We also offer installation assistance to customers in our direct vicinity and are happy to provide remote assistance as well.

You Get What You Pay For

While we are not the cheapest RTA cabinets on the market, we have acutely honed our ability to distinguish between the things people want and need. People want to believe that cheaper RTA Kitchen cabinets will still provide lasting quality, which is most certainly not the case. A person in this situation needs quality cabinets at an affordable price. At Walcraft Cabinetry we believe superior ingredients yield superior results, which is why all our cabinets are built using first-rate wood joinery, materials, finishes, and assembly processes.

Deceit with Dovetail Drawers

Drawers literally connect us to our cabinetry. We have to physically touch them in order to use them, which is why they are usually the first thing to break. Enter dovetail drawers. Noted for its tensile strength, the dovetail joint connects each side of a drawer to the front. Each side has a series of precisely cut trapezoidal pins that interlock with those of the opposite board. The sides can then be glued together without the need for mechanical fasteners.

Unfortunately, manufacturers have stretched the term “dovetail drawers” to the point of meaninglessness. Just because something is advertised as a dovetail drawer does not mean it is quality. Odds are they are constructed with a bunch of leftover scraps of wood that have been finger-jointed together with mediocre dovetail joinery.

Fortunately, poor quality is not something we serve on our menu. Our cabinetry inventory consists of some of the finest drawers in the industry. Exceptional joinery aside, and boy is it ever, the drawer boxes themselves are constructed from solid 3/4” European Poplar.

And Now for the Finishing Move

We all want our cabinetry to last for years to come. Unfortunately, many people overlook the important role a quality finish plays in this process. Rest assured, all cabinetry you order from us is coated with Sherwin Williams Conversion Varnish.

CV finish undergoes a two-part chemical hardening process that achieves higher durability than any other lacquer. If your goal of lasting quality is more than a mere want, CV finish is the way to go.

Still Can’t Decide? Order Door Samples Today

The best way to minimize potential pitfalls during the design process is to do as much research as possible prior to starting. For this reason, we provide inexpensive cabinet door samples. Simply go to our door sample page, find and select the cabinet colors and styles you like, then sit back and relax as we ship them to you for free. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.