Dark, Dreary, and Dated Cabinets? Many suffer from this problem. We can help! Browse our White Shaker options to get Started.

White Shaker Cabinets - Ready To Assemble

Radiant, brilliant, and inviting. Do those words describe your current kitchen cabinets? They will when you choose one of these options!

White Shaker Cabinets - Assembled

Ready for the depressing kitchen days to be gone? Let’s do it. These babies are just the cabinets for the job.

Your dream kitchen — on time, under budget, and hassle free!

Choosing quality is the best option. By doing so, you can avoid delivery day disappointments. We have seen and heard too many of those stories. If you are expecting quality cabinetry to be delivered to your home, then choose Walcraft. After all, our goal is always your complete satisfaction.

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Your Kitchen Transformation Begins Here

It is time. You have endured for long enough. Yes, cabinets are for storing food, dishes, and silverware. But there is more. Cabinets should be enjoyed. What would your life look like if you actually enjoyed your kitchen?

You know, actually wanting to have guests over and hang out within its illustrious frame.

Many have gone before you and have found the essential ingredient to bake that cake: white shaker cabinets.  Bright, white, and airy. Open and inviting. And you guessed it, they come with bragging rights.

We have got a great selection for you! Whether you are looking for RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets or pre-assembled cabinetry, we’ve got you covered.

Our exhortation to you is this: if you are going to set yourself to accomplish this dream, do it right! Heck, who wants to go through the remodeling process and not hit the bullseye. We know what that takes. That is why we have searched the world to find you the absolute best-made and budget-minded cabinets. And that we have.

If your quest is cabinetry that looks, feels, and functions like you paid much more than you did, then you are in the right place. SMOOTH finishes. Masterful joinery. Quality hardware. The works.

Let’s Talk White Finishes Done Right

Our RTA line has a first-rate finish that rivals cabinetry two or even three times the cost! That can’t be true you may say. Well, it is. FACT: we have NEVER found an “affordable” cabinet maker who does it better than JSI Cabinets. And we have looked at them all.

Not to mention, our founder is a cabinet maker and finisher.  So he knows finishes. And he knows that JSI Cabinets have as good, or better, finish than most custom cabinets!

Their white finish is epic. Silky smooth and masterfully applied to just the right thickness. And to top it off, they use conversion varnish (the best cabinetry finish) that is made by the legendary Sherwin-Williams. That means long-lasting and enduring beauty in your kitchen.

How does that sound?

Our pre-assembled white shaker cabinets by Fabuwood, also have an amazing finish. Smooth, durable, and evenly applied. We love their sleek, smooth feel.

When you choose Walcraft for your cabinetry needs, know this, we only deal with the best-in-class. Our white shaker cabinetry is top-notch. So let’s get started!

Kitchen with white shaker cabinets by Fabuwood

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