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White Shaker Cabinets - Assembled

Ready for the depressing kitchen days to be gone? Let’s do it. These babies are just the cabinets for the job.

Nexus Frost White Shaker Cabinets

Assembly: Pre-Assembled
Manufacturer: Fabuwood Cabinets
Ready to be impressed? Watch this short video to learn more about the Nexus Frost cabinet line.


Nexus Shaker cabinets are in our Fabuwood line of cabinetry.  These cabinets are hot for so many reasons.  The Frost white is positively sparkling—smooth and sensuous—and will stay that way for many years to come. The Shaker style is the style today and is as versatile as that little black dress.  From its elegant wide frame to its clean crisp lines, the Nexus will fit the bill in high style whether your kitchen is Traditional, Contemporary or somewhere in-between.  The white Shaker style cabinets reflect the designs created by the highly skilled Shakers who combined minimalistic style with extreme quality. But we know you need more than just a pretty face.

We don’t partner with just anyone, so Fabuwood has to be something special. These cabinets are pre-assembled so if you’re not a DIY enthusiast and you want your cabinets delivered to your doorstep ready fully built and ready to go these are for you! To be a Fabuwood cabinet it must meet not a few but twelve unique and impeccable standards of quality before it can reside in your kitchen.  Because we only sell the best and we know you only want the same, we insist on the finest materials and cutting edge technologies.  The Nexus has a full overlay door with solid wood and mortise and tenon construction that spells q-u-a-l-i-t-y.  The drawers have 5-piece recessed panel drawer fronts and dovetail solid wood drawer boxes.  Nothing cheap or below par inside these white shaker cabinets either.  The cabinet box is constructed with solid birch and these are built to last!

The Nexus by Fabuwood will go long on making your dream kitchen everything you’ve dreamed of and everything we stand for—quality, fair price, and style.


Diana Egan

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Exceptional value and customer service. Walcraft Cabinetry helped answer all my questions along the way and even sent me some "how to" videos when I had questions on assembling and installing cabinets. Very down to earth and personal company to do business with. It's like I made some friends along the way! I love this company and what they stand for, helping those in need. I never felt pressured or obligated to…

Fusion Blanc White Shaker Cabinets

Assembly: Pre-Assembled
Manufacturer: Fabuwood Cabinets
Ready to be impressed? Watch this short video to learn more about the Fusion Blanc cabinet line.


Fusion Blanc White Shaker style cabinets by Fabuwood will add grace, a little elegance and timeless style to your kitchen.  The Fusion cabinetry in Blanc white really stands out in a crowd with its wide rail moldings, classic style and unique details.  In fact, this cabinet’s details makes it perfect for a Traditional style kitchen while the classic Shaker styling makes it a natural in even the most Contemporary style kitchen.  The color is soft and easy on the eyes. It’s beautiful in an all-white kitchen and it’s also the perfect choice to mix with other colors such as grey.  Adaptability is the hallmark of good cabinetry.

The Fusion Shaker style cabinets in clean simple white does turn heads but there’s more under the hood.   The doors have full overlay with the characteristic mortise and tenon construction of high quality cabinets. Like all Fabuwood cabinets the Fusion has solid wood door frames and Blumotion soft-close mechanism.  The drawers are solid wood with dovetail construction and concealed full extension drawer runners.  Drawer height is the standard 3 inches and the drawer fronts are perfectly positioned.

Like its companions in the Fabuwood line the Fusion white shaker cabinets have the Fabuwood Twelve—twelve quality standards they must meet.  Fabuwood sources only the very best wood and features things like anti-warp features.  And like all the white Shaker cabinetry the Fusion Blanc is easy to clean and will stay beautiful for many years to come. The Fabuwood line is pre-assembled for those who prefer not to assemble their cabinets.

The Fusion Blanc is sure to please even the hardest to please and will be the focal point of any kitchen.

Hallmark Frost White Shaker Cabinets

Assembly: Pre-Assembled
Manufacturer: Fabuwood Cabinets
Ready to be impressed? Watch this short video to learn more about the Hallmark Frost cabinet line.


Hallmark Frost cabinets have an added element—raised panels. Raised panels accent the light and shadows of the cabinet door creating an added dimension.  A raised panel ‘’floats’’ in the center. The Fabuwood Hallmark adds still another element to its distinction: an affordable price but still all the style and quality of any other door we sell.

The Hallmark Frost cabinets by Fabuwood features a modified overlay on the wall cabinets and full overlay doors on the base cabinets with their characteristic mortise and tenon construction.  The Hallmark Frost also has the Blumotion soft close hinges.  The drawer fronts feature a 5-piece panel that matches the door design, 5/8 inch solid wood drawer box with dovetail construction.  And the Frost features Blumotion concealed drawer runners.  The cabinet box boasts solid wood construction and adjustable shelves. What’s not to love?

This door style is the perfect choice for a Traditional style kitchen. It’s classic, it’s timeless, it’s charming and has that elegance that the Traditional style is famous for, yet, it’s perfect for more Modern kitchens as well.   We love, love, love this cabinet in all white kitchens: its shimmers, it positively glows, it’s the essence of what we all love the all-white kitchen for.  It opens up the space and makes it seem enormous and bright. All this and it’s also a natural mixed with other colors like slate, espresso or cobblestone.  These beautiful white shaker cabinets are nothing if not adaptable.

Like all Fabuwood cabinets the Hallmark Frost is a pre-assembled cabinet, ready to use, that meets the company’s rigorous 12-point quality standards that begins with the highest quality wood species and ends with your total satisfaction.


Jeff Ball

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Walcraft helped me this past summer with my new kitchen and they were invaluable!  Their team worked with me at length to make sure that everything was perfect, and provided several excellent suggestions that improved my design details. 

Onyx Frost White Shaker Cabinets

Assembly: Pre-Assembled
Manufacturer: Fabuwood Cabinets
Ready to be impressed? Watch this short video to learn more about the Onyx Frost cabinet line.


Onyx Frost has a recessed door in the white Shaker style—we love this classy, timeless cabinet. Like all of our cabinetry they will adapt in whatever space you put them: Traditional, Contemporary or Transitional.   The Frost finish is durable and easy to clean.  It will stay as beautiful as day one for many, many years.

In a Contemporary kitchen the Onxy Frost will offer a sophisticated look. In a Traditional kitchen it will add a touch of elegance. In a Transitional style kitchen, it will add a timeless classic look.  The style and color has the power to serve as all things to all kitchens.  Onxy Frost will always play a lead role.

But the Onxy Frost isn’t just good looking it’s made right! Like all of our Fabuwood cabinets they are built from solid wood– there’s no fake wood here– with Blumotion soft-close mechanisms and Tandem plus Blumotion full extension drawer runners.  For smooth opening and smooth closing.

Onxy Frost cabinets have solid wood doors and drawer fronts and mortise and tenon construction. Drawer boxes are solid wood too with dovetail construction.  A solid wood toe kick is finished to match. Why? Because when you build quality cabinetry as much attention is given the little things as the big things. All Fabuwood white shaker cabinets have wood corner blocks to support any countertop. Plywood panel beams make side panels strong and stable.  Even the backs are real wood with a natural finished interior so they look as great inside as they do outside.  These cabinets are quality right down to the metal shelf clips that won’t let you—or your china—down.

Kitchen with white shaker cabinets by Fabuwood

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