Purchasing cabinetry online is a huge deal. After all, not many people spend thousands of dollars virtually sight unseen. We want every one of our customers to journey through this process without worry.

For this reason, we are offering this unmatched guarantee. We are extremely confident in the quality of our cabinetry and our unwavering service, and we want you to be as well.

Here is how it works:

1. When your shipment arrives, if there are damaged items that are visible, or become visible after inspecting the cabinets, we will make it our top priority to send you replacements so that your new cabinets are uncompromised. Replacement parts will be ordered within six working hours after we receive pictures and item numbers via email, and shipped out as soon as possible via common carrier or ground.

We must be notified in writing of any and all damage within four weeks of receiving the delivery and before the damaged cabinet is assembled.

Beautiful kitchen with ready to assemble Dover shaker cabinets

2. If your cabinetry does not properly fit due to our negligence, we will make it our top priority to correct the problem and order the proper cabinetry within eight business hours of being notified of the issue in writing, at no cost to you.

The replacement cabinetry will ship to you as soon as possible. In this instance, we may also offer fair compensation in the form of a partial refund, in an amount determined by us, for damages incurred by you for our mistake.

It is your responsibility to confirm that all measurements specified on our design documents are correct before placing the order.

3. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our cabinets, then we reserve the right to resolve the issues by replacing the faulty cabinets or parts.

Our website provides the details of how our cabinetry is constructed and has videos showing the complete assembly process and the hardware therein. It is your responsibility to do the proper research to know exactly what you are purchasing as disapproval of the materials, the hardware, or the construction process of our cabinets, does not fall into being a matter of quality, but rather a matter of manufacturing process.

Valid quality issues are: drips, runs, excessive cracking in the finish, improperly machined parts that do not fit together properly, rough surfaces on the finish, and other general failures in the cabinet construction. Please note: small hairline cracks in the finish on the face frames and cabinet doors/drawers at the wood joints are considered industry standard and not defects as all cabinet manufacturers experience this.

If you choose to return the cabinetry as a result of unresolvable quality issues, the cabinets must be in their original boxes and unassembled. IN SUCH INSTANCE THERE WILL BE NO RESTOCKING FEES AND RETURN SHIPPING WILL BE PAID BY WALCRAFT NOT YOU!

In such instance, all parts will need to be properly placed back within their original packaging, and tape sealed. All items need to be properly packaged and shrink wrapped on their original pallet.

4. When Walcraft Cabinetry provides you with a free kitchen design and quote, we GUARANTEE that you will have all the necessary cabinetry parts to complete your project as per our provided design. If not, then it is on us. We will not ask for a payment for any missing items. Any missing items will be ordered within four business hours of notification and shipped promptly.

In the case that any other issues may arise that are not stated within this document, we reserve the right to offer reasonable and satisfactory settlements in the form of a partial refund.

If we fail to perform these actions stated above when applicable, we will give you your cabinetry for free. Your full refund will be processed within 3-5 working days.