5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

By Sean Walsh

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes their size can feel overwhelming. Whether you’re looking for a kitchen that’s more efficient or just want to make it look larger, there are plenty of ways to do so! In this blog post, we’ll share 5 easy tips on how you can make your blue kitchen seem bigger than it is:

  1. Install a smaller sink.

Sinks are usually the focal point of a kitchen, so if yours is large you may want to consider investing in one that’s more compact.

For example, this small sink from Kohler comes with an edge-guard and offers plenty of space for dishes or vegetables since it doesn’t extend to either side. It also fits under kitchen cabinets that are 34″ high, which could be limiting if you have a taller cabinet.

For this size of sink, we recommend using an undermount installation with the soft-close feature to make it convenient for opening and closing the drawers over time.

This will give your kitchen cabinets more space for other things like appliances or additional cabinets.

  1. Paint the walls a charming bright color

If a kitchen is blue and white, it will appear larger than a dark gray room next door.

Bright colors can make a space seem more open because they reflect against one another – this means that light bounces off of them instead of being absorbed by darks or neutrals on the wall.

The blue kitchen cabinets also help to make this kitchen seem larger because blue is a warm color.

Ask your painter for some suggestions to help narrow down the number of options you have when choosing colors, or check out these paint-color resources:

  • Benjamin Moore Color Studio – This site allows you to upload photos and preview how they’ll look in different hues before making your selection.
  • HGTV Dream Home Color Palette – This helpful site allows you to preview how different colors will look on your walls before making a decision.

It also offers suggestions for other surfaces, such as trim and cabinets so that all of the elements in the kitchen are cohesive.

If blue isn’t quite right for your space, try blue-green or blue-gray for a fresh, modern look.

You can also find kitchen paint color cards at your local hardware store to help narrow down your options before going in for an estimate from the painting professional.

Once you’ve chosen colors, it’s best to wait 24 hours and then see if there are any changes that need to be made.

  1. Add an island in the kitchen to create extra space and new countertop surfaces.

Kitchens with islands have a more open feel because they add an extra surface for cooking and can provide room to store items.

This kitchen from This Old House has blue cabinets, white countertops, and a blue island in the center of the space; this helps it seem larger than kitchens without as much color contrast.

If your kitchen is a large size, try to include light blue or blue-green hues in one part of the kitchen – this will make it seem more spacious and bright.

If blue isn’t quite right for your space, try light blue or navy blue for a fresh custom look.

  1. Replace your large appliances with more compact versions – for example, use a small oven instead of a stove.

Many people have large ovens and stoves in their kitchen, but this can make it look smaller.

To avoid that problem, some homeowners choose to replace them with a more compact version of the appliance – for example, an electric stove instead of gas or induction cook top.

This will free up space on your countertops and allow you to add a table or bar for extra seating.

Or, if you have a space problem, invest in an oven that’s smaller than your current one so that it doesn’t take up too much space and obstruct other appliances around it.

This will help make the kitchen seem larger and more open.

  1. Use high-quality flooring like marble or wood that will make it appear larger than lower quality options such as carpet or vinyl.

Carpet can feel close and cluttered, while marble or wood flooring looks more open.

The blue kitchen cabinets make a space seem larger because blue is a warm color that contrasts nicely with white walls.

Blue-green would also work well in kitchens of all sizes – it’s especially great for those with blue or blue-gray cabinets.

Blue, blue-green, and navy blue are all good choices for kitchen colors if you’re looking to make a space seem larger because they help create more contrast in the room – this means there’s brighter light bouncing off of one surface instead of being absorbed by darks or neutrals.