Mark: Finding family

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Seldom will you find a place to work with people who value and respect each other. Who commits to the same goal while putting Christ in the center of it all. This company saved me from depression and is like an Oasis in a desert. I take pride in our vision and the fact that we try in our own little way to change the world, to make it a better place. It makes me feel proud and warm inside. To me this is not just a company to work with. They are family.

 Prior to Walcraft, I worked in customer service then tried freelancing because of its benefits. I was just trying to get by – landing short term gigs every here and there, while waiting for the right job to come along. I was unemployed, depressed because of family issues. And then came Walcraft.

 At first I thought Walcraft was the same as others. Just work, get paid and that’s it. But they treat you with such respect and warmth, and with such Christ centered passion and decision making. It was hard to believe.. I found a family. And I never felt so lucky.

 Each day, knowing that I’m in a company that is trying to make the world a better place, trying to make a difference through Christ and through each other’s labor, I feel blessed. Being in a family that helps each other, respects each other and supports each other what else can you ask for?

 People are people, we are not perfect but Christ and our vision guides us in the right direction and I appreciate that. I found a second family in Walcraft Cabinetry and I will stay for as long as they want me to. Walcrafters are great people to work with. And the fact that we are sharing the fruits of our labor to every contractor and in effect every household is just amazing.


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