Yani: At my crossroads

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When the year 2022 started, I found myself at a critical juncture in my life, desperately seeking a change. Stuck in a job that offered little fulfillment and struggled to provide me proper compensation, I yearned for something more. Little did I know that a company I would soon encounter would completely transform my life.

My journey of transformation began with a simple online job search on up work. I was scouring the site for opportunities when I stumbled upon a job posting that seemed a little out of my field, a remote kitchen designer job. I was a graduate of Architecture dreaming of becoming an Architect one day and I am applying for a kitchen designer job? No way, but I still applied.

I mustered up my courage to send a proposal, never truly believing they would consider someone like me. To my astonishment, they did. I enjoyed taking the exam and the interview process was really quick. I realized it was not just about my passion for design, it was also about my values, and my aspirations. Sean saw a potential in me and he changed the trajectory of my life.

I joined Walcraft in January of 2022, and from day one, it was evident that this was no ordinary workplace. The culture was a vibrant mix of spirituality and collaboration, it was more than just a job, it was a service. It was a place where everyone’s ideas were not only welcomed but celebrated. It was a team dedicated to innovation, creativity and fostering personal growth. Walcraft is a nurturing environment where people are loved for who they are.

The impact of Walcraft was immediate and profound. I was surrounded by people who loved God and are devoted to religion who also guided me, and pushed me to excel in my role. It was a journey of personal and professional development, more than I could have ever asked for. I never thought I could love designing kitchens daily in my life.

As time went on, I noticed something incredible happening. The skills I was developing at Walcraft were not limited to the workplace, they were spilling over into my personal life. The confidence I gained, and the spiritual lessons I learned was affecting every aspect of my existence. I developed a more intimate connection with God, and I gained friends. Walcraft is about fostering a sense of purpose. The company was deeply committed to making a positive impact on the world. Whether through charitable initiatives or ground breaking designs, they instilled in me a sense of responsibility to give back and make a difference, as they have done in my life.

Here I am, almost in my 2 years and I can say I am no longer the person I was before I started working in Walcraft. It did not only change my life, it transformed me. Sean is more than an employer, he is a catalyst for personal and professional development. I found purpose, passion, and a sense of belonging that I would never find in any company. Today, I am not just an employee; I’m a proud member of a family that has redefined my life’s trajectory. The journey with Walcraft has been nothing short of remarkable, I am excited to see where it takes me in the next parts of my life.

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Our tendered-spirit baby. A young sweet lady with so much love to give. Yani is an aspiring Architect and one of our Kitchen and Bath Designers.