Sean: Beyond Survival – God’s Plan Unfolding in Business

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As I stand looking in the mirror I see a guy who should not be where he is. I should be dead, but God had other plans. I should have overdosed, but God. Although I have done hundreds of skydives one particular one should have taken me out, but God spared me. I should not have the marriage I do, or the wonderful family with five amazing kids. But I do.

And if there is anything I certainly should not have, it is this website, this business, and this moment to share my story with you, but I do! You have many places to spend your moment, and here you are. Thank you for that.

To get started, I would like to give you a brief bio to bolster myself and establish my professional credibility with you. So here it is: I do not have any! I spent my younger years getting loaded, raging, and hating myself and my life. I wanted to die.

One day I almost got my wish on a skydive gone bad. God sent a woman to warn me right before I got on the plane about a very specific thing that had never happened to me, or anyone I knew, over the three years I had been taking the 13,000 foot plunge.

On that exact skydive, just moments later, I found myself in the exact situation she had just warned me about. I would have certainly died and killed my friend, Bob, if I did not do exactly as she told me to do…but I did. I should be dead, but I am not.

Rather, God spared me. So much so I became very paranoid about dying. I then began to question my eternal well being and became very convicted that my life was not even close to in line with the purposes I was created for. So I began to ask, what was I created for. Who created me? And what must I do to enter into God’s purposes for me?

I was 24 years old, lost, depressed, and addicted. I had no purpose. I was watching death and destruction all around me, and was being swept away in its currents.

Then everything changed.

In January of 2003 I landed on my knees and said, “God I have made a mess and I am ready to follow you. I just can’t do it here (living on a couch with a bunch of fellow skydivers and BASE jumpers drugging our lives away). Please get me out of here. I am ready to follow you Jesus!”

It had no idea what just happened. I do now. Everything changed. I was set free of drugs and alcohol within a few weeks. I was happy. No, I was filled with joy, life, purpose, and HOPE! I went from despising who I had become to becoming new in Christ. Forgiven. Loved. Restored!

Over the years I found that God had given me a calling into ministry. I began leading a street evangelism ministry, and was working towards becoming a pastor. Then, something happened. I received a call to be a businessman. I still think that God called the wrong number on that one! WHO ME!? A high school drop out whose best GPA for one of the two years of high school I completed was a .67? The guy who at 24 years old who struggled reading? Mr. Disorganized? Me?!

Yep. Me.

So at 29 years old my journey began. I had already been working for myself for the last nine years, but do not really consider that my business journey. My journey involved employees, marketing, websites, and HARD lessons. Working for myself was fun, and easy. Business on the other hand has been the crucible of God’s loving hand of character development in my life.

It began with Wallcraft (two L’s intentional) Cabinetry where I designed and built gorgeous custom kitchens and wall units. Then a remodeling business. Then I patented an invention and put it to market. That led to a home developing business, which led me here to Walcraft Cabinetry.

I cannot even begin to summarize what I have learned along the way. The most important lesson is this: Thousands of years ago Jesus chose twelve men to disrupt a broken system and establish His perfect plan of restoration. He walked with them daily, talked with them daily, and “discipled” them along the way. He spent time with them.

Over the years I have prayed many times, “Lord, whatever you want to do in my life to make me all yours and to make me the most useful for your kingdom, please do it.” I had no idea God would answer that prayer to send me front lines into the corporate business world. I am glad He did. Today, I get to spend my time daily, with people. People who God loves and has incredible plans for. You can read a few of their stories here.

I have found that this is the closest to the ministry of Christ I may ever have the opportunity to experience, and my daily prayer and hope is that it leads people to experience God’s love and care in new ways.

Our vision is this: Using kitchen cabinetry as the catalyst of connection to fill kitchens, families, homes, and lives with the aroma of heaven. Being an expression of God’s love to the enslaved, unemployed, impoverished, and the hurting–by providing finances, freedom, opportunities, family, and hope to those who are in need.

Our mission involves creating jobs, connections, and to use whatever funds God provides to free slaves, and to share light around the world. We’ve been able to contribute funds to see numerous people purchased out of slavery and set free, and we want to do it more! We’ve seen lives changed by the love of Christ on our team and around our team, and we want to do it more! We’ve stepped into caring for the least, and we want to do it more!

I am asking you to join our mission. As Walcraft grows, the impact we can make grows with it. If you’re going to purchase cabinets somewhere, how about here? We’ll do everything we can to love you, guide you, and make sure your new kitchen dreams become a reality. We exist to see lives transformed, and we do it one kitchen at a time!

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Sean Walsh

Founder & CEO

I follow Jesus. You may think that is great, or you may think I’m nuts. We do not have to agree on this one. Can we agree on this: the world would be a better place if we spent our efforts loving one another instead of taking advantage of one another. I would dare to say, we can.