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Shaker Kitchen Cabinetry - Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Shaker Cabinets?

Shaker cabinetry is simply named “Shaker” because of its origins with the Shakers, a religious group from the 18th century. The Shakers were known for their superior craftsmanship and the amazing furniture that resulted from the work of their hands.

So there you have it, Shaker style kitchen cabinets must be here to stay! After all they’ve been around for centuries and are just as popular now as they were then. 

Essentially a shaker style cabinet door has a flat center panel, and a frame that is void of any details around it. 

The beauty of shaker cabinets in kitchen designs is the simplicity. Simplicity in design always creates the ability to accentuate focal points such as the handmade backsplash tile, or the copper door handles. Simplicity creates harmony. 

What Are Full Overlay Shaker Cabinets?

Full overlay simply means that the doors almost completely cover the face frame of the cabinetry. In this style of cabinetry there is minimal space between cabinet doors. Once again this creates a less busy appearance and an awkward space in between the cabinet doors.

When Will Shaker Style Cabinets Stop Trending?

We believe that shaker style kitchens are going to stay strong.That being said, we also believe that modern contemporary style “slab door” kitchen cabinets are going to be taking over in the next decade. Shaker will be a close second and will probably continue that way for a long time!  

What is the Most Popular Shaker Cabinetry Style?

White. At Walcraft Cabinetry about 60% of our customers order white shaker cabinets. Next up? Grey. We see about twenty percent or more of our orders are grey.

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